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Jobs & Internship opportunities in Canada for Students

Canada is one of the best study destinations for most international students seeking to undertake Bachelor or masters program in a university. For Students who wants to explore the Jobs & Internship opportunities in Canada for students during degree program.

Jobs & Internship opportunities in Canada for Students

International students studying in Canada can utilize any of the Internship opportunities to do a part time job to make up for their educational and living costs in Canada.


As an international student studying in Canada, where you need to pay high college fees of about $10,155 and $38,800, you will need to work part-time to cover up your tuition fees and the daily costs of living in Canada.

International students with a Canadian study permit may be allowed to work up to 20 hours per week while students who have enrolled for intensive courses may be allowed to work for 12 hours per week.

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Having a Work experience in Canada during your degree program will be a bonus to your CV.

Good paying Part time Jobs with Salary for International Students in Canada

Working part-time in Canada in any of the unskilled jobs is a blessing for many immigrated students as it helps them meet up with the cost of living in Canada.

Some Canadian part-time jobs offer you chance to manage time to complete the work and study as a student. Although the wage rate for part time working students are quite low, it helps them to sustain themselves in Canada.


Good paying part time jobs in Canada for students

1. Teaching Assistant— $17.25 per hour

2. Tutor— $18.00 to $22.00 per hour

3. Receptionist & Cashier— $16.00 per hour

4. Server & Bartender— $13.22 per hour

5. Barista— $13.00 per hour

6. Waiter & Waitress— $15.20 per hour

7. Dishwasher & Cleaner— $12.50 per hour

8. Uber Driver— $18.00 to $26.20 per hour

9. Freelancer— $30.60/hour

10. Housekeeper— $14.25 per hour

11. Fruit Picker/Packer— $14.80 per hour

12. Dogwalker— $15.50 per hour

13. Delivery driver— $18.30 per hour

14. Translator— $24.64 per hour

15. Salesperson— $15.40 to $25.00 per hour

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Please note that these Salaries may vary according to the job position you’re hired for and also, the average wages for part-time jobs in Canada for Students may differ from city to city across Canada.

Working Hour Options for Students in Canada

As an international student working in Canada, you will be allowed to choose between working on and off campus.

1. Full-time work – 40 hours per week during holidays

2. Part-time work – 20 hours per week)m during semesters

3. An internship work – depends on the college rule and offer

You can find Jobs & Internship opportunities in Canada for Students in cafes, coffee shops, hotels and other retail stores, college swimming pool, bookstores and library, etc.


Best Canadian Cities in Canada for Jobs & Internship opportunities in Canada

1. Toronto

2. Vancouver

3. Montreal

4. Edmonton

5. Calgary

6. Quebec

7. Ottawa

8. Winnipeg

9. British Colombia

10. Mississauga

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Jobs in Canada application procedures for Students?

Eligible applicants must have to complete the online job application process to be able to apply for any of the job vacancies in Canada for international students:


To apply for any of the jobs, go to the “Apply Now” link provided after the jobs list to be redirected to Job bank where you’ll get all the job details including the job location, no. of vacancies, the job description and other requirements.

At Job bank, you may find the email address or job application link to Submit your job application with an updated CV. After that, Wait for the HR manager or the employer to call or email you back regarding your job application.

Benefits of Jobs in Canada for Students

1. Disability Benefits

2. Medical Benefits

3. Mileage Paid

4. Dental Benefits

5. Group Insurance Benefits

6. Life Insurance Benefits

7. Vision Care Benefits

Other Benefits for working in Canada as a student

The Government of Canada’s Youth Employment and Skills Strategy helps young international students to make an easy entry into the labor market in Canada through programs like Skilled Worker Program, Summer Job Experience and Career Focus for foreign students.

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