Sun. Jan 16th, 2022


Definitely you are among the 2021/2022 UNIBEN aspirant searching for this “Is 2021/2022 Uniben Post UTME Results Out” on Google well you are welcome to my today’s blog post on this title , well the 2021/2022 Uniben post UTME Results is actually out and I will give you the statistics of the pass and more explanation on the chance of gaining admission as well as how to calculate Aggregate score continue reading.


Checking of 2021/2022 post UTME Results is absolutely free and simple to do , you can do that with you smartphone kindly check out the simplified steps on how to check 2021/2022 post utme Results .

How To Calculate UNIBEN Aggregate Score For 2021

After God grace of getting admmision the next thing that determine if you will get admmision in a school like Uniben is you aggregate well here I’m going to give you some guide and hint on how to calculate you Aggregate score for 2021/2022 post UTME.

To make it more simple to understand,  i will use illustrations to explain.

JAMB score /8 = 50%
POST UTME/2 = 50%

50% + 50% = 100%

Assuming mr G got 300 in UTME and he also score 80 in post UTME,  then this is how to calculate the aggregate
300/8 =37.5%

80/2 = 40%

40% + 37.5% = 77.5%

So Mr G aggregate score is 77.5% out of 100%


Well the 2021/2022 Uniben post utme Results is out so you can quickly follow the step provided to check your results and also follow the steps provide to calculate you Aggregate. Use the comment box to leave your comment and Questions and you will get your answer direct to the email address you provided.

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