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Good paying Jobs in Toronto Canada | Part-Time & Full-Time Job Openings

Are you a resident in Toronto, Canada? And you are looking for a good paying job in Toronto Canada? Well, we’ve brought you a list of job opportunity to help make your stay in Toronto more professional and lucrative. These jobs are available as part-time, full-time, seasonal and work from home opportunities, so you can choose the best option that suits your career.

Good paying Jobs in Toronto Canada | Part-Time & Full-Time Job Openings

Good paying Jobs in Toronto Canada

To start a career in Toronto or to get a good job opportunity may take time because Toronto Canada is facing a great economic uncertainty. In Canada, Toronto is the largest and most developed city as well as the fourth largest metropolitan area in Northern America. Toronto is a home to millions of people and thousands of business houses and companies positions that job seeking candidates must apply for without delay.

Good paying Jobs in Toronto Canada | Part-Time & Full-Time Job Openings

In addition, we listed Toronto top-paying job opportunities which was made using different salary reporting tools, web portals and median salaries adjusted to represent annual salaries.

Full Time Work From Home jobs and careers in Toronto

There are work from home jobs for fresh graduates and immigrants in Toronto with good minimum wage rate. However, at least bachelor’s degree is required to be involved in any of the high-paying jobs and Previous work experiences are always a bonus for job seekers. You can look for internships while completing a college or university degree.

Good paying Jobs in Toronto Canada

1. Psychotherapist – $124,800.00
2. Software architect – $124,005.50
3. Developer – $114,400.00
4. Programmer – $104,000.00
5. Teacher – $103,000.00
6. Physiotherapist – $93,600.00
7. Social worker – $86,476.00
8. Lawyer – $86,250.00
9. Marketing Manager – $85,800.00
10. Registered nurse – ICU $84,032.00
11. Dental hygienist – $81,120.00
12. Translator – $78,000.00
13. Transportation Driver – $76,500.00
14. Financial Analyst – 65,800.00
15. Plumber – $62,800.00

Where to find Best Jobs in Toronto for fresh graduates?

For those who are new to the Toronto job market, we recommend that you follow the job portals or recruitment agencies listed below to find better employment opportunities as they provide city-wise vacancies for job seekers and they also have an option to search for jobs by location in Canada.

Most used Job Sites to Search for Jobs in Toronto City in Canada

1. Job Bank
2. City of Toronto Jobs
3. Jobs at the City-toronto
4. Indeed Toronto Jobs 
5. Glassdoor Jobs in Toronto 

Job Bank

This job portal is the largest Toronto government managed job portal with over 8,000 job vacancies available to apply for.

City of Toronto Jobs

This portal provides some of the best lucrative and high paying in-demand jobs in Toronto with hundreds of jobs updated regularly.

Jobs at the City

One of the best job portals for immigrants seeking Jobs in Toronto Canada.

Indeed Toronto Jobs

Indeed is the world’s best employment portal for job seekers and you can find thousands of job openings at Indeed Toronto.

Glassdoor Jobs in Toronto

Glassdoor Canada have more than 75,000 open jobs in Toronto, Canada where you can easily get hired.

Good paying Jobs in Toronto Canada | Part-Time & Full-Time Job Openings

Jobs & Internship opportunities in Canada for Students

Available Jobs in Toronto for freshers

We have listed the job vacancies based on the job title, job-type and company name.

1. Food and beverage server at Thai Basil $12.45 per hour
2. Kitchen helper at Thai Basil $14.50 to $15.50 per hour
3. Cashier at Organic Garage $14.25 per hour
4. House cleaner at Hire A Maid $18.00 to $23.00 per hour
5. Survey interviewer at Discovery Research $19.00 per hour
6. Concierge and apartment building at Condor Security Inc. $15.00 to $16.00 per hour
7. Security guard at Condor Security Inc. $15.00 to $16.00 per hour
8. Interpreter at Kelly Services $17.00 per hour
9. Cashier at Farm Boy $14.25 per hour
10. Cook at Farm Boy $15.50 per hour
11. Customer service clerk at Farm Boy $15.00 per hour
12. Janitor at Farm Boy $14.25 per hour
13. Bakery counter clerk at Farm Boy $14.25 per hour
14. Deli counter clerk at Farm Boy $14.25 per hour
15. Meat clerk at Farm Boy $14.25 per hour
16. Chef de partie at Kelseys Original Roadhouse Queensway $18.00 per hour
17. Help desk technician at QL $15.00 per hour
18. Account manager at Home Depot
19. Sales associate at Home Depot of Canada Inc.

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How to Apply for Work From Home Jobs in Toronto as fresher

For freshers who are interested to work from home in Toronto, Below are job opportunities for you

1. Broker, insurance at RH Insurance $50,000.00 to $80,000.00 annually
2. Software engineer at The Fitting Room Canada Inc. $70,000.00 to $100,000.00 annually
3. Health program information analyst at Gambling Council $44,000.00 to $56,000.00 annually
4. Mortgage broker at CanWise Financial $56,000.00 annually
5. Manager at corporate financing BDO Canada LLP $85,000.00 to $115,000.00 annually
6. International student adviser at Birmingham International Collegiate of Canada $36,000.00 to $38,000.00 annually
7. Public relations co-ordinator at CANEAST $36,000.00 to $43,000.00 annually
8. Interpreter at Kelly Services $17.00 hourly
9. Registered practical nurse at Vivo Family Medicine $18.00 to $22.00 hourly
10. Outside sales representative at LoveHR $35,000.00 to $40,000.00 annually
11. Electronic games designer at Gameloft Entertainment Toronto Inc $55,000.00 to $75,000.00 annually
12. Systems consultant at ifb Canada $130,000.00 annually
13. Game developer at Ubisoft Toronto Inc. $80,000.00 to $120,000.00 annually
14. Communications expert at The College of Midwives of Ontario $80,912.00 to $86,516.00 annually
15. Accounting clerk at Citi College of Canadian Careers $15.00 to $20.00 hourly
16. Admissions officer at Citi College of Canadian Careers $30,000.00 to $36,000.00 annually
17. Accounting clerk at Fibos Inc. $15.00 to $20.00 hourly
18. Psychotherapist at LIFE DESIGN THERAPY $30.00 hourly with extra commission

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You can also find more exciting Jobs in Toronto at Kijiji Toronto Jobs Vacancies and get a dream job to meet your career aspirations.

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