Area Of Concentration For Chemistry WAEC 2021-Waec Syllabus For Chemistry

Definitely you are searching for Area Of Concentration For Chemistry WAEC 2021-Waec Syllabus For Chemistry well in today’s blog post I’m going to give you a answer to that and list of important topics that’s is likely to come out in this forthcoming waec examination so you are welcome to my blog.


As we all know wassce is not an internal examination like your Normal school exam so you need to put all you possible effort in order to get a good result , first as a candidate sitting for this forthcoming exam you need to have the waec syllabus this will serve as a guide to you when reading, apart from that another thing is the previous question too this will also play a good role to your success to that subject. Well another key points here is the area of concentration for chemistry well I will outline some important area of Concentration I’m the next paragraph.

         Are you among those searching for Area Of Concentration For Chemistry WAEC 2021-Waec , well the following topics below are topics that you note to take out your time and study well before your exam I call them area of Concentration for chemistry for waec there :

  • Organic chemistry as a whole
  • Emperical and molecular formula calculation
  • Electrolysis definitions and calculation
  • Bonding and types with illustration with diagram
  • Radioactivity as a whole.
  • Some compound eg sulfur, halogens, carbon Oxygen etc
  • Titration
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Qualitative analysis
  • Naming of organic compounds.
  • Electronic configurations

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Make sure you make use of your past Questions and check the previous question on each topics and make sure you answer all this past Questions associated with any of the topics above.

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