2021 Waec Expo Catering Questions and answer Expo

Are you among those sitting for catering Exam in this ongoing 2021 waec if yes kindly check Below for the complete answer.



(Choose any 3)


(i) Look after your oil – take good care of your oil by keeping it away from water and extreme temperatures and storing it in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight.

(ii) Keep your fryer clean – oil lasts longer in a clean fryer. Clean your fryer regularly and remove all traces of soap or detergent.

(iii) Oil should be filtered after use otherwise remaining food particles will burn when the oil heat rises, which will spoil the appearance and flavour of foods.

(iv) Check the oil temperature – if oil is too hot, food will have a raw or uncooked centre and the oil life is shortened. If the oil is too cold, food becomes greasy and the oil will be wasted.

(v) Skim the oil surface – regular skimming of food particles keeps oil clean and the flavour fresh..

(Pick 5)
A). Do not overload fryers. Maintain a proper load ratio at all time.

B. Dry all foods as thoroughly as possible before frying them. Moisture tends to break down oil.

C. Prepare batters and breadings well in advance.

D. Cut food pieces to the same size so that the entire batch will be fried uniformly.

E. Use the smallest size fryer practical for the job. If possible, use a battery of fryers, reserving one for blanching potatoes, another for finishing them, another for seafood, poultry etc.

F. Pack fresh shortening firmly into the lower section of the fryer and around the heating coils to prevent air pockets.

G. Do not turn on heat until all shortening is in the fryer. Keep heat low while melting down the shortening.

H. Do not overload fryer. Maintain the proper load ratio at all times.

I. Make sure frying temperature is the correct one for the particular food being fried.

J. Keep oil clean while frying. Use a small kitchen strainer to take out crumbs and bits of food that float in the oil. Remove them.

i) Egg
ii) Greek yogurt
iii) Coffee
iv) Oat meal
Chia seeds

(1b) -Tabulate-
(ii)Industrial catering takes place within a building or premises WHILE outdoor catering takes place at a remote place far from the restaurants or convention centers.

(ii)Industrial catering is limited to the size of the hall or venue WHILE Outdoor catering can accommodate a large number of guests.

(ii)Soups (potages)
(iii)Egg dishes (oeufs)
(iv)Pasta and rice (farinuex)

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