2021/2022 Waec Likely Questions And Topics For Mathematics.

2021/2022 Waec Likely Questions And Topics For Mathematics.

The west Africa examination is one of the main external exam every student must write before he or she can be called a graduate but this exam sometimes look difficult especially some Subject like mathematics , chemistry, physics, etc but here I’m going to drop some 2021/2022 Waec Likely Questions And Topics For (Maths , Chemistry).

2021/2022 Waec Likely Questions And Topics For Mathematics with the knowledge of this , reading for the exam will be guided with the likely Questions and topic , here I’m going to be outline some vital topics that a waec candidate of either 2021, 2022, 2023 , 2024 must  must take note of to ensure he or she make her chemistry and mathematics with good grade like C4 B3, B2 and A1.

First of all I’m going to start with Mathematics , mathematics as we all know is not a child’s play is a Subject that need alot of attention because is the father of all the exam is a Subject that if you don’t make it forget about the results because it will be useless so as a student sitting for waec you need to have alot of past Questions and simplified mathematics textbook that will enhance your performance in mathematics , so some 2021/2022 Waec Likely Questions And Topics For Maths are listed below.

  • Statistics

Statistics is a broad topic in mathematics with different sub topics and different style of Questions , in statistics all you need to do is to memorize the formula for solving each question under it , so after taking note of the formula is now left for you to know how to get the value to substitute to the formula , so if you can get the value all you need to do is to substitute and run your Normal calculation  , well some sub- topics and their likely Questions will be listed below.


  • Mean.                        Find the mean
  • Median.                     Find the median
  • Range.                       Find the Range
  • Mode.                        Find the mode
  • Variance.                   Find the variance
  • Standard deviation.  Find the S.D
  • Cumulative Frequency. Find the C.F

So the above are the 2021/2022 Waec Likely Questions And Topics For Maths and also make sure you work with your past Questions and simplified mathematics textbook such as Hidden fact to get me details on how Questions

  • Longitude and Latitude

This is another popular topics that also have some important SUB-TOPICS under it , one thing about this topic is you ability to know the difference between latitude and longitude as well as the sketching out of the equivalent drawing that suit the question given to you I recommend Hidden fact mathematics for you in this topic it’s well explained there some SUB-TOPICS under this topic are Distance along small circle , Distance along great circle , Shortest distance etc. Always make use of past Questions to see how Questions are set of each topics.

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  • Quadratic Equation

Quadratic Equation is a topic that is very wide so as a result of this the mathematics syllabus is designed in such a way that the students start learning this topics right from jss 3 till Ss3 before taking their final SSCE examination , in this topic we have alot of SUB-TOPICS under it which I will list below.

  1. Factorization
  2. Completing the square
  3. General formula
  4. Graphical method.

But the question is which of them always come out in waec , well it is very clear that when you take a clear observation in you past question you will find out that graphical method is the most common one but that does not mean that you won’t study the rest but you need to make sure you understand the graphical method more , learn how to plot the graph By clicking HERE.and always make sure you graph is neat as well as your table of value.


Construction is one of the common topic that usually comes out in ssce examination , most students don’t like answering questions on construction maybe because they were not thought properly and  I have also observe that most students that answers Questions on it are mainly the science student just because of the knowledge from Technical drawing , well for me I see the topic as from Mark because is very easy to work on without exhorting your time , in construction we also have some SUB-TOPICS like construction of parallelogram , triangle Rhombus etc and also you must know how to bisect different angles I also recommend Hidden fact Mathematics for you on this.

2021/2022 Waec Likely Questions And Topics For Mathematics.



Set is another important topic that comes together with probability , make sure you learn the various tee.s associated with set , try as much as possible to know their meaning such as Empty set , union of a set , intersection of a set , Universal Set , Venn diagram and Null set etc and also know their various symbol because any questions coming bout of this topic they wi represent it with symbol so if you don’t Know their symbols you can interpret it also probability is also common endeavor to Know the relationship between the two topics. I also recommend Hidden fact for this two topics is well simplified there the picture of the textbook is below.

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Well we are still listing out the 2021/2022 Waec Likely Questions And Topics For Mathematics and the next is below.

  • SURD

Surd is also another topic that normally comes out in ssce examination but please make sure you take your time to learn this topic very well because it very technical so make sure you also understand the terms use there , know the different between perfect square and non perfect square this will go a very long way for you , in this topic we have some sub-topics though but the one that usually comes out is conjuncate of a surf take note of that.


Change of Subject formula is also a vital topics though it don’t come out much but the knowledge gotten here will help you in all topic in mathematics because during your calculations you must make a given variable the Subject formala before you can come to the final answer.


Circle geometry is a topic you need to take your time and study is just like sure make sure you know the various proof their because bis a popular topics and is a must that you will see it in your exam take note of that.



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